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100x more efficient LinkedIn Outreach

Increase your pipeline, lower cost per lead, and shorten sales cycles in a fraction of the time of traditional prospecting!

Get your 1st campaign up & running in a few minutes!




Unlimited Campaigns

Connection Requests

Auto-Reply Humaitized


Auto-Like Posts

Bulk Search Profiles

Bulk Upload Profiles

InMail Messaging

Block lists

Proxy settings

1 Dashboard - Manage Multiple Accounts

Smart Inbox

Web-Based Software

100% Safe & Respecting LinkedIns Policies

CRM Intergrations


No credit card required

Cancel anytime

30-day money-back guarantee

From the Founder

I initially built this tool for myself to do LinkedIn outreach for my previous company. As I shared the tool with friends who even started using it on daily basis. As everyone kept using it with good results, I decided to make it public :)

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