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LinkedIn Prospect Outreach Automation Platform

You're always on the go. Your LinkedIn inbox is cluttered and you barely can't find time to update the messages that matter most. Linqer's intelligent web-based software automates this for you so you can spend less time searching so you have more time closing deals.

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Perfect for:

Founders - Agencies - Sales Teams - Recruiters


Use it to :

Find early customers, clients, investors, employees & reach out to any business profile!

Your time is money.

You're juggling hundreds of different tasks and barely making it through the day. Start Automate Outreach Today.

Outreach Sequences

Smart Inbox

Campaign Analytics

Build a completely automated sales funnel using a variety of LinkedIn actions, then set time delays, choose smart conditions and boost LinkedIn lead generation with Linqer.

Manage your LinkedIn conversations with leads directly from your Linqer dashboard with our advanced real-time LinkedIn messenger. All in just one dashboard.

Evaluate your overall LinkedIn performance by viewing detailed LinkedIn stats and metrics including LinkedIn engagement rate, profile usage statistics, campaign activity.

From the Founder

I initially had built this tool for myself to do LinkedIn outreach for my previous company. As I shared the tool with friends who even started using it on daily basis, I decide to make it public :)


Steven Gijsman - Founder of Linqer

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